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24 APR

Factory Coaling

Malkara resulting from calorie -rich coal , especially coal dust can provide an unlimited variety according to the budget needed by the textile factory in the industrial zone . Washed, dried pulverized coal , wet powder , powder dust, etc. taken

22 APR

Quality Coal

Our eco-friendly high quality coal and coal would be cheaper to consumers . Apartment and office oranges imported Russian coal, imported coal walnuts , hazelnuts imported coal, indigenous coal, coal options , our nuts are native .

Message from the President

  • Dear customers , business partners , employees,
    35 years of trade on the basis of success in my life ; First perseverance , determination, the right to determine the right targets and strategic planning are all set to walk in with this objective understanding of team work . With all these rules , no matter what condition and well-being of employees in the circumstances , has been arguably indispensable .
    İdris ERDEN, Chairman of the Board