About Us

Erden Telecommunications Computer and Mining Industry from travelers. Tic. Ltd. Sti. In 1985 the board was established as a heating coal distribution company by the president Idris from the ER. Our company has all the pieces of coal for heating purposes of sale and delivery of Thrace until the 2000s. After these years elder to policy implementing our company, Turkey's made of dust coal sales to be used in wholesale heating purposes bagged piece of coal and industry of each point and the company has done by sea for the first bag of coal transportation in Turkey. Our company makes an annual average of 200,000 tons of coal shipped to all of Turkey today.

The company has opened its first computer and electronics stores Tekirdag agreement with the company in a different sector of the coal industry in addition to the IT industry in 2005, Golden Computer & Electronics

Our Mission

Appreciated with superior products and service quality, the company has become a preferred and recommended.

Our vision

Dizzying adapt to a rapidly evolving world energy use and provide innovative solutions.


-Part bagged coal

-Part of imported bagged coal

-Imported coal bagged nuts

-Imported coal bagged Orange

-Coal bagged nuts

-Imported coal bagged nuts


-Washed coal dust

-Washed Dried Powder Coal

Our Service Area

Tekirdağ, Malkara, Edirne, Uzunköprü, Keşan, Babaeski, Lüleburgaz, Çorlu, Çerkezköy, Meriç, İpsala, İstanbul, Gebze, Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Soma, Manisa, Artvin, Ağrı, Samsun, Trabzon, Hatay, Adana, Adapazarı, Siirt, Trakya, all Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and all Europe...