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Combustible coal is an organic sedimentary rock. Coal mainly of carbon, hydrogen and has bileşimindenoluş of elements such as oxygen, for quite a while into the vessel between other rock strata (millions of years) heat, pressure and have occurred as a result of microbiological effects. Reviews Coal has an important place in human life. Electricity generation in coal, iron - in the manufacture of steel and cement, to produce steam used for industrial processes and with the heating purposes. Electricity generation, approximately 40% of
ROM coal: Run-of- mine coal, raw coal is removed naturally from a coal mine held by any treatment. Member KRİBL COAL: Kribl coal, subject to selection and screening process touvenant is coal. Reviews sifted COAL: Elimination coal, certain holes screened from intermittent crashes and coal is classified among certain size limits. Reviews CLEANED COAL: The cleaned coal, age or coal has seen a dry system and the cleaning process. Member washed COAL: Washed coal, age coal has seen a cleaning process. Reviews TOTAL MOISTURE (NEM), which can be removed under coal in standard conditions which are taken as the sample is the amount of moisture. Reviews STRUCTURE humidity (Operation Humidity - hygroscopic moisture) in the air dry coal sample of 105 C. temperature in an oxygen environment moisture is lost until it reaches a constant weight. Reviews FREE HUMIDITY (Surface Moisture - Rough RH): The Run-of- mine coal, the air is moisture that dry coal to become lost until it changes is given in this rough moisture behalf. Reviews AIR in CURED COAL MOISTURE (NEM) exposed to the air is damp in about a balance reaching coal samples. Reviews TOTAL ASH: a coal sample is expressed as% of the total weight of the remaining minerals increased as a result complete incineration. Reviews RELATIVE ASH: These are mineral substances which uzaklaştırılamı from coal by physical means. Member GAS: Coal of air (oxygen) in the medium is the mass lost during the heating and distillation. Volatiles and moisture is the sum. Reviews VOLATILE MATTER: This value is the removal of the moisture content of the gas content of the coal. Reviews FIXED CARBON: the coal; Moisture, Ash and the value found by subtracting from 100 the total Inhalant. Reviews ELEMENTAL CARBON: fixed in the coal composition (free) and its value is composed of carbon total. Reviews SAF COAL: The parts utilized in coal, volatile matter and fixed the sum of carbon. Reviews COC: The sum of the fixed carbon and the amount of ash in coal. Reviews COC GAIN: Gas-determination is an expression of the shape and color of coal remaining results. Reviews TOTAL SULPHUR: Coal samples in which all sulfur compounds (sulphate, organic, free, pyrite, chalcopyrite, etc.) that it contains is expressed as the% of sulfur. Reviews